Here are the top 12 finalists from the online preliminary rounds who have made their way into the final quiz!

The final quiz round will be conducted on 2nd of December 2017

Sl.No Candidate's Name Medi. No
1 Sujitha  Govindarajan TMN 2011 0000267 KTK
2 Sonal  Agarwal 33677
3 Surbhi  Gupta DLH20170000153KTK
4 Suchika  Mangal RJS 20100000025KTK
5 Karthigayeni   TMN20090000561KTK
6 Devi  R KRL20100000123KTK
7 Arunima  Halder 87006
8 Veena  Divater 110439
9 Deepa  Khobragade IMC 2010 0000145 KTK
10 Madhu  Lakshmikanth 68913
11 Nikhita  Vadvadgi KMC 106040
12 Taswin  Kaur kmc96074

Quiz Co-ordinators

  • Dr. Kamini A Rao
  • Dr. Jyothika Desai
  • Dr. Srinivas K
  • Dr. Divyashree P S

Terms and Conditions

  • For young Obstetricians & Gynaecologists below 40 years of age
  • 4 Preliminary rounds will be conducted on every Sunday in the month of November
  • Top 12 finalists will be selected for the Grand Finale Quiz to be conducted on
    2nd December 2017 YUVA LIFE
  • Registration for conference will be free for top 12 finalists
  • Decision of the Quiz expert panel is final

Fabulous prizes for the top 2 winners of the Grand Finale Quiz competition to be held on 2nd December 2017 “YUVA LIFE”