09:00 AM – 09.20 AM Who’s better…? rLH Vs hMG Vs hCG Dr. Mohan S Kamath
09:20 AM – 09:40 AM Ovarian ageing: The role of mitochondria in oocytes and follicles Dr. Sankalp Singh
09:40 AM – 10.00 AM New ways of ovarian Rejuvination Dr. Zeev Blumenfeld
10.00 AM – 10.15 AM Discussion  
10.15 AM – 10.30 AM TEA  BREAK   
10.30 AM - 11.00 AM I  N  A  U  G  U  R  A  T  I  O  N  


11.00 AM - 11.30 AM The challenge of health communication in the 21st century Dr. Dinesh C Sharma
11.30 AM – 12.00 PM
Our perspectives and challenges with Uterus Transplant
Dr. Kamini A Rao
12:00 PM – 12.30 PM The Unique immunological and Microbial aspect of pregnancy  Prof. Gil Mor
12:30 PM – 01:30 PM QUIZ – GRAND FINALE Quiz Masters
Dr. Kamini A Rao
Dr. Divyashree
Dr. Jyothika Desai
Dr. Srinivas
01:30 PM – 02:30 PM LUNCH BREAK
02:30 PM – 02:50 PM Recurrent implantation failure Vs Recurrent implantation success: Discrimination at a Metabolomics Level Mr. Sourav Roy Choudhury
02:50 PM – 03.10 PM Mitochondrial DNA quantification as a tool for embryo viability assessment Dr. Varsha Samson Roy
03:10 PM – 03:30 PM
Preimplantation genetic screening – what a wonderful world it could be!
Dr. Deepak N Modi
03:30 PM – 03:45 PM Discussion  
03:45 PM – 04:00 PM Tea Break  
  04:00 PM – 05:30 PM Panel Discussion and Medico legal Debate
Ethics and Law in ART – “Veterans Vs Yuva”
Moderators – Dr. Kamini A Rao
Dr. Korula George  
Dr. Madhuri Patil
Prof. Joga Rao
Dr. Mohan S Kamath
Dr. Divyashree P S
Mr. Yashwant Prasad
Dr. Arveen Vohra
Dr. Hema Divakar